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Teperi & Co Ltd is a law office specializing in business law. We serve small and large domestic and international companies. Our attorneys have a long professional experience in the field of business law, and some of them have also been working in commercial sector.

We serve also private persons in legal matters – we give legal advice and carry out assignments in all fields of law.  

We belong to a nation-wide network of law offices “Opuslex” – we want to make sure that our clients receive competent and flexible service irrespective of the location.

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Company reorganizations and bankruptcies

The specialists of our law office have a long and wide experience as the estate administrator in the bankruptcy proceedings. A fast seizure of a company that has become bankrupt and effective realization produces the best result.

A company reorganization requires outstanding knowledge of the Finnish Law of Company Reorganization and financial expertise and practical experience. Our lawyers managing company reorganizations are professionals in this field of law.    

We take also care of other matters connected with insolvency of a company, such as recoveries, collection of outstanding accounts, applications for bankruptcies and company reorganizations.

Companys legal issue

Our main field of activity is business law. The assignments of our corporative clients are among other things connected with contractual - and corporate law, labour - and tax law, tort law and customs issues. We manage legal matters of companies comprehensively in all fields of company law.

We offer companies unique company lawyer service that offer both to a small and large companies necessary legal advice and documents for immediate use for a fixed yearly price without any additional charges.   

Settlement of disputes

The most advantageous way for a company is to avoid any disputes. This is to be achieved best by foreseeing problems and using the right legal means in contractual relations. Occasionally it is not possible to avoid disagreements. In these cases our lawyers ensure that the final outcome of the disagreement is the best possible for the principle.      

Labour law

Our specialists act on the side of both the employees and employers in disagreements connected with labour relations. Understanding both parties of the dispute, the entrepreneur and the employee, we try hard to find the best settlement of the dispute for the principle. We assist also in drafting of management and labour agreements as well in preparation of various notices.         

Real estate and construction law

We assist  among other things in matters connected with purchase of houses and real estate. Purchase of residence is the largest acquisition in a person's life-time. In case problems arise after closing of the deal it is important to turn to a lawyer as soon as possible in order to avoid a loss of a right.     

Family law

In matters connected with family law assistance of a lawyer is sometimes needed. We assist among other things in divorces, estate distributions, estate inventories and prepare documents need in the field of family law, e.g. wills and marriage settlement agreements.