Mikko Kontturi

Partner, Attorney

Mikko assists his clients in the field of employment, dispute resolution and insolvency.

Mikko regularly advises domestic and international employers on all employment related issues such as co-operation negotiations, employment terminations, collective redundancies, outsourcing of workforce, workplace conflict issues and occupational safety. In addition, he consults directors, executives and CEO´s on a variety of issues and disputes related to, for example, terms and conditions of directorship, compensation, benefits, liability, termination and non-competition covenants.

Mikko assists both domestic and international companies in disputes, mediation, litigation and arbitration in issues related to employment, contracts, shareholder agreements, debt collection and damages. Mikko’s goal is always to resolve the dispute in the most sensitive and cost-effective manner taking the clients situation, business and the foreseeable outcome into consideration. The real winner is not always the one who is right but the one who has “eye for the game” to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the different options and courage to make the right moves at each stage of the process.

Mikko also regularly acts as the court appointed receiver (estate administrator) in bankruptcies and advises creditor companies in bankruptcy proceedings and related disputes such as recovery to the bankruptcy estate. Cases related to European Insolvency Regulation (2015/848) concerning the detrimental acts and avoidance payments from a creditor are in the field of Mikko´s special expertise as he is preparing his doctoral dissertation on international bankruptcy recovery.

Mikko´s clients appreciate his friendly straight to the point attitude, strong commercial perspective and efficient work methods ensuring cost efficient and strategic approach to each assignment.


”As a lawyer there is no point giving the client a no as answer with a memo of all the risks involved. In business there is is always a risks present and our clients understand that.  Our job is to be creative, make it happen and use the law as a toolbox to achieve the wanted results. This is what adding real value to our clients is all about.”

Mikko Kontturi


” Thank you very much for your professional services. We were very satisfied with your approach and are really glad that we reached this agreement. In the beginning it seemed hopeless. We keep your contact for the future services if those will be needed in Finland.”

Direct feedback from international client


” Many thanks for your support regarding this specific case and also the preparation of the restructuring last year. We are very pleased that we can now close this file.”

Direct feedback from international client



 - Assisted a Finnish company with both B2C and B2B business sectors in a turnkey project considering re-organization of business operations and the redundancies. Supported the client in the required co-operation negotiations by giving clear hands on instructions to reporting, negotiation process and documentation as well as provided the document drafts necessary and required in the Finnish legislation.

- Acted as the counsel for international software provider in an employment litigation considering the redundancies with employees claims over 160.000 EUR. The case was settled with excellent overall outcome to the client.

- Assisted a Czech building company in a dispute with claims over 250.000 EUR considering debt collection and damages against the Finnish buyer and insurance company. As the result the debt collection case was settled with excellent outcome to the client and the insurance company waived its claims against the client in full.

- Has assisted several publicly listed company executives in negotiations considering the termination agreements. The agreements have been finally signed with significantly better terms to the client than suggested and for example risks resulting from non-competition warrants has been reduced to support the client’s re-employment.

- Acted as part of the bankruptcy estate administrations litigation team in Finnish court and Court of Justice of the European Union in the precedent case of Sportland Oy bankruptcy estate v Nike European Operations Netherlands B.V (C-310/14) considering the avoidance of payments made to Nike prior the bankruptcy proceedings.


Admitted to the Finnish Bar Association



Doctoral program, University of Turku Faculty of Law

2012 -


Master of Laws, University of Turku





Finnish Bar Association

International Bar Association IBA

Finnish Society for Labour and Social Security Law

Finnish Insolvency Law Association

INSOL International

Finnish Association of Sports Law

University of Turku Faculty of law alumni organization Senilex

Publications (available in Finnish)


Case commentary: The judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union C-130/14 Nike European Operations Netherlands BV v. the bankruptcy estate of Sportland Ltd (The Finnish Bar Association´s academic journal Defensor Legis 6/2015)

Recovery to the bankruptcy estate in the European Union (The Finnish Bar Association´s academic journal Defensor Legis 6/2013)

Harmful payments in the recovery to the bankruptcy estate in Finland (The University of Turku Faculty of Law Journal Oikeustieto 2/2011)