Mikko Kontturi


tel +358 9 6866 100
fax 00358 9 6866 1066
e-mail mikko.kontturi@teperi.co

Mikko handles primarily matters of labour law, dispute resolution between companies and judicial procedures as well as matters concerning bankruptcy and recovery of assets to a bankruptcy estate. When handling the cases, Mikko finds it especially important that the client understands what is important in the case and what is required of the client him/herself. Court proceedings in particular are all about team work, in which mutual trust and understanding of the roles of the client and the lawyer are paramount.


Doctoral program (Dissertation theme: International aspects of recovery to the bankruptcy estate), University of Turku Faculty of Law 2012 -
Master of Laws, University of Turku, 2011

Activity in Organisations

Finnish Society for Labour and Social Law
Finnish Insolvency Law Association / INSOL International
Finnish Association of Sports Law


Recovery to the bankruptcy estate in the European Union (The Finnish Bar Association´s Defensor Legis Journal 6/2013)
Harmful payments in the recovery to the bankruptcy estate in Finland (The University of Turku Faculty of Law Journal Oikeustieto 2/2011)
Case commentary: The judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union C-130/14 Nike European Operations Netherlands BV v. the bankruptcy estate of Sportland Ltd (Defensor Legis 6/2015)

Language proficiency

Finnish, English